AShortcut’s Wall

Hi everyone 👋.
I am AShortcuts, a dedicated shortcut creator on RoutineHub.
I personalize with creating complex shortcuts that will benefit everyone to be more productive and to make their phone work for them as efficiently as possible.

2019 in Review

Phew. This has been a looooooong year. There have been so many new Shortcuts released and updated, I can’t even keep track of them all. These are the sum of the major updates in 2019, TV Shows Countdown was Released (Check it out) Release Update has been Released (Che...

Discord Channel

Hello again 👋. Today I am happy to reveal the creation of my very own Discord Channel!!! Link - Discord Channels WELCOME Welcome - where new users magically appear 😃 Announcements - All of my important announcements Bye - where users magically disappear 😢 NEWS ...

New Blog

Hello Everyone 👋 I am AShortcuts on RoutineHub. I have decided to create blog posts about any news or updates that I will have concerning my Shortcuts. The only other method to do this would be too write them in my Shortcut’s updates, but this is a much nicer solution. This ...